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Harry H. Price & Son, Inc
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Price Fresh Pak LLC
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Season after season, Nature’s Harvest Russet potatoes consistently average high solids. Simply put, they are superior to those cultivated elsewhere because of this and their low moisture content. Use Nature’s Harvest Russets and take pleasure in enhanced potato flavor and fluffier baked potatoes with vivid white interiors, crispier, fuller, fresh French fries that absorb less oil and shrink less, and better tasting mashed potatoes that have a constant texture and unmatched flavor. These potatoes won’t even be ruined by over-mixing!

Star Hand Selected

Better, sweeter, and smarter. With the potatoes from Star, you get that. You are guaranteed complete satisfaction with all of our products, so our potatoes are ideal for your preferred baked or roasted potato dish. Our potatoes deliver the best level of freshness and flavor that you’ve come to expect from Star since they are hand-selected. Start enhancing your potato meals today!

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What we do today, matters, and the effort we put forth right now, will be reflected in our future endeavors.

Providing you with the best product and service would not be possible without a hard-working team to back it up.

Let us introduce you to the people who make what we do a success.


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