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Harry H. Price opened his produce prepackaging business in the Dallas Farmers Market at 2112 Cadiz.  The company specialized in packaging tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, grapefruit and apples.  Mr. Price’s son Harold and Kyle E. Muennink, a trusted manager, incorporated Harry H. Price & Son, Inc. in 1969.

Location 1

Dallas Facility

Harry H. Price & Son, Inc.

1608 S. Harwood St.

Dallas, TX 75215

Phone: 214-421-1593

Sales Fax:  214-421-3292

Accounting Fax: 214-421-3119

Location 2

Oklahoma Facility

Price Fresh Pak, LLC

401 N. Vickie Dr.

Oklahoma City, OK  73117

Phone: 405-670-9608

Fax: 405-670-9657